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Kennedy Littledike, a teen from Idaho, survives a horrific accident and inspires the community

Kennedy Littledike News

Kennedy Littledike, a 17 years old teenager of Burley, Idaho, was anticipating an evening outside with two of her companions in the adjacent city of Declo in May of 2021. The adolescents were involved in a terrible vehicle collision towards the conclusion of the night.  Kennedy was driving when she oversteered and collided with an electric pole. The automobile overturned numerous times while the collision took place.

Kennedy and two companions were in her automobile when it collided on May 22. All three got flung from the automobile, and Kennedy was reportedly left hanging for an hour on an above cable wire. Eventually, in order for her to live through the accident, one of her legs had to be dismembered. Kennedy, who will become 17 on Thursday, has had a difficult few months since the collision, but she is positive about her destiny and has made some new friends.

Those three teenagers were ejected from the automobile, but Kennedy was flown 30 feet into the air and onto an overhead lines wire. One of her limbs was dangling from her body. It was the first time initial rescuers had seen anything like it. The very next step was to carefully remove her from the power cable. She recalls the guy who accomplished exactly that.

Kennedy was brought to the hospital with shattered bones in both legs and arms. Surgeons were unable to rescue her limb and had to surgically remove it. Kennedy’s parents were informed that she might not be able to just walk anymore. However, Kennedy admits that maintaining a good perspective hasn’t always been simple. Her parents and friends have been instrumental in her recovery.

In a local news interview, Kennedy stated, “I don’t remember much about being on the wire, but I do remember being up there. It was pitch black and I was really high, and upside down. I was so confused, and I was trying really hard not to cry. The guy who got me down was like we are trying sweetheart, we are almost there. I don’t know how you would not believe in God after going through something like that, no way God didn’t have a hand in it.

After the accident, it hit me hard. I felt like I was a nobody, and I wanted to hide in a way because I wasn’t who I used to be. But, I just constantly had people all around me, and so much love and support. My sister started my Instagram, and it took off, and just the comments and the DMs I was getting just inspired me so much.”

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