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Connie Izay death mystery? how did Connie die?

how did Connie die?

how did Connie Izay die?

Connie Izyy attained mass attention after she died. The main reason people paid so much attention to her death is due to the mystery behind her sudden death.

The Internet has gone berserk after her death and has been coming up with multiple conspiracy theories. One user claimed she died from breast cancer although there is no evidence available from the hospital, family, and medical certificates. She was 53 years old at the time of her death.

Some users still believe that she was suffering from breast cancer and they claim to have solid evidence in support of their theory. she was hospitalized in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. she died 4 decades ago in August 1983.

the curiosity about her death has dropped a bit even after 4 long decades.

People on the internet are extremely curious about her death reasons.

Conney Izay was a war hero:

She served as a nurse in the Korean war 20 years prior to her death. she helped many soldiers heal from their wounds. She was the main teacher to other nurses during the war. She also advised M*A*S*H tv-series producers on medical issues. She performed an important role to teach nurses to do their duty diligently in a mobile army surgical center. The show became a rage with the audience as medical procedures and the war-like situation was depicted extremely on point and close to reality. Conney taught actors how to use medical tools properly and do basic stuff like bandaging the wounds to make them look real and honest. She also helped them understand combat wounds and how to properly take care of them.

how did Connie die?

She took birth in 1928. she nursed the wounded soldiers during the Korean war. she played two very crucial roles first as a nurse, and later as a medical advisor on Tv that helped the cinema with realistic wounds. although now the realistic wounds would be rated violent and graphic it was her who gave a new vision to the cinema. hope one day all the rumors about her death will be cleared and all her fans will have a chance to relieve the stress that is induced by her death.

Conney loved her husband and children:

She had a peaceful death and she was a loving wife and mother. her tombstone also says ” dearest wife and Mother”. her family came first for her. it is clear that all the fame and money didn’t change her and she remain committed to her family

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