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Dirty Tay’s age? The artist was arrested for shooting a newborn

Dirty Tay

Dirty Tay’s age? The artist was arrested for shooting a newborn

Lil Baby is a new rapper from the United States. His first mix tape, “Perfect Timing,” was a smash hit and that got him but he is arrested for killing a baby.

Young Thug and Coach K became successful rappers and Dirty Tay is also one of their friends. Maybe out of jealousy he also tried to become a rapper.

Lil baby is also a criminal, He has already spent a lot of time in jail before he could make his name in jail.

Although on Instagram Dirty Tay tried to explain that he is not a criminal.

his parents have always supported him and there is a possibility he became a successful rapper because he was always loved so much. This time it seems he will spend all of his life in jail. He is accused of shooting a 3-year-old child. yes, you heard it right a musician killed a 3-year-old child. the gun and violence culture has overtaken rappers.

Dirty ray is a young musician and he has always had trouble with the law. his friends were also criminals and all of them had spent some time in jail but soon they understood this is not how you spend life and they all chose different professions.  he chose a profession where he could speak filthy stuff and make money. the gangster life continues but he can also make a great amount of money/.

His music with ghetto lyrics made him an overnight star and two of his songs became really popular. songs like “My Dawg” and “Pink Slip” brought him a lot of recognition, fame, and money.

in the last year alone he made over $2 million, He could not digest his success and he started shooting young children. This shows that a lot of people despite being successful never truly become gentlemen.

A 3-year-old child who is unnamed is found killed, the shot in the head looks like a bullet wound. police assume the killer wanted to shoot the father of the child but instead killed a child. do these people feel any kind of remorse or regret? We should try to become more humane. This is also the failure of the US justice system that people have no shame in killing other people. 

On August 3, around 4 p.m., there was the sound of shots getting fired on Peters Street. The father and son were leaving a local business when the driver of a blue Kia Optima stalked them and opened fire at both of them and the children were killed.

Dirty Tay is a 28-year-old American hip-hop artist who has popular songs “20 Thousand,” “Bum Bum,” and “Don’t Wanna Do It”

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