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Eric Pyles Missing. will the case be solved? Will Eric be found?

Eric Pyles Missing. will the case be solved? Will Eric be found?

12-year-old Eric Pyles has been missing from News for a long. after his disappearance a lot of cops in Pennsylvania State Police went on to search for the boy but they could not find him then. There are some hints that soon he will be found out again.

Eric Pyles as usual was dropped by the school bus at 2:30 PM. it was his routine and it was Tuesday.

On the day he disappeared his classmates noticed that he was going towards his home in Union Township, Pennsylvania but in the opposite direction as the usually went.

He was probably going towards the backyard of the house but since then he could not be found. There are theories that he did not want to leave his house.

Is Eric Pyles found in a new investigation?

Eric Pyles was last spotted in his hometown and close to his house in Union Township, Lebanon County. The young Eric Pyles has not been located since then.

This incident took place 2decades ago and there is no sign of him being alive or dead. Since then parents and relatives of the disappeared Eric have been trying to look for him but they could not.

 The relative Maria got suspicious when the young Eric did not make it to the house on the regular time, after some time she called the Pennsylvania police department to that her brother has not made it home and she is worried about him.

Eric always wanted to run away from his house and usually, he was found in the vicinity of his hometown but this time maybe he planned it too well or maybe someone kidnapped him manipulating him into thinking the kidnapper might help him go away from home.

Maria noticed in the morning that her brother was upset when he went to school, She was worried that her brother was upset in school too and she was waiting for him to come back.

after the news of Eric’s missing was made public a lot of volunteers came to the search operation. The police department and firemen also deployed personnel to find the boy at the earliest.

Their main concern was the freezing temperature, everyone was worried that Eric might catch hypothermia in the freezing cold weather.

The police officials went on to see the parents and relatives of Eric Pyles but they could not find him.

The children were living away from their parents after they were accused of abusing their children. Maria and Thomas were living at Awol Road  which she shared with her husband and three of her children

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