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Florida dad accused of killing his own daughter sentenced to death

Florida dad accused of killing his own daughter sentenced to death

Florida prosecutors will try to get a death sentence for the father accused of killing 3 years old children with a knife. he also cut open his older daughter and she played dead to survive.

Juan Bravo-Torres, 39 is charged with the first-degree murder of her own two daughters. he tried to murder the second one but she remained silent so he would leave her alone assuming she is dead, He planned the murder of two of his daughters.

 the father tried to slash his wrists and neck after killing his own children. the court documents prove that he committed the murder and wanted to kill himself but he did not die and was sent to jail after treatment.

The State Attorney’s Office then filed a notice of intent to seek capital punishment. there have been many compelling reasons for capital punishment.

The suspect is “especially heinous, atrocious, or cruel,” that it was committed “in a cold, calculated and premeditated manner without any of moral or legal justification,”

12-year-old daughter walked with a sliced throat:

This cruel incident is so difficult to read the 12-year-old daughter walked one mile after she was cut by her own father, and she reached her mother’s workplace while completely drowned in blood.

the police officer talked 12-year-old victim. she said she thought her father wanted to take her necklace but instead he sliced her throat with a knife.

Juan Bravo-Torres tried to kill himself after senselessly attacking his daughters:

The murderer went to another room to take another knife the older daughter ran from the room while her neck was slit. the murderer’s father went to his room, shut down the lights, and cut his own wrist and neck but the bastard did not die.

“The victim stated her dad came at her with a knife but that she fought him back and eventually acted as if she was dead in hopes he would stop attacking her,” the filing recounted.

Florida dad accused of killing his own daughter sentenced to death

“The amount of courage this 12-year-old young lady had is just remarkable,” he said.

“Grown adults may not have been able to come to that decision. And this 12-year-old did that, and she is alive today because of the choices that she made.”

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