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Former cheerleading coach Alyshia Tkacs charged for molesting a minor repeatedly.

Former cheerleading coach Alyshia Tkacs charged for molesting a minor repeatedly.

Alyshia Tkacs allegedly molested a child for over 24 months.

Alyshia is caught by the police for a case older than a decade. She was a former Rhode Island cheerleading coach. the victim wasn’t an adult at the time probably close to years old. Alyshia abused the victim first time when she was and that went on for 2 years.

Alyshia Tkacs was 23 at the time of the crime and she is 33 now. police have charged her with five counts of first-degree child molestation and two counts of second-degree child molestation. The charges were made only after the victim’s testimony who is an adult now.

Alyshia Tkacs abused the victim daily:

The victim told police that she was abused daily and police launched an investigation to know the truth.

“The victim reported that s*xual assaults occurred in East Providence and Barrington, R.I. during the two-year period and occurred almost daily.”

Police looked into the matter for months before finally gathering an arrest warrant for Alyshia. It was the victim’s bravery that she informed the police and sent the accused behind bars. 

Alyshia Tkacs has a daughter the same age as the victim.

Veronica Seavey is known to Alyshia and she was surprised when the news broke.

“It just didn’t seem like something that she would do and she had a daughter who is that age.” source: WJAR

Gym claims no responsibility:

The gym where Alyshia gave her services was closed down in 2018. Gym authorities have claimed that none of the activities by the Accused were on notice of the gym.

Gym owner Dawn Castonguay expressed:

Former cheerleading coach Alyshia Tkacs charged for molesting

“Never thought it was a molestation thing since they were still hanging out after they both left the gym.”

At the time of her arrest, Tkacs was working at Care New England Health System in Rhode Island. In a statement to WPRI-TV, the hospital said:

“Care New England conducted background checks prior to employment and those were clean. She has been suspended indefinitely without pay and denied access to our campus. We take the care and safety of our community very seriously, so we immediately took action when notified.”

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