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Former MLA Helen Cross Has Died – Know Death Reason

Former MLA Helen Cross Has Died

Her friend confirmed her death on social media. Helen breathed her last at home in Gungahlin. Helen was also an ACT legislative assembly member.

Helen was given last rites in presence of close friends and family. She was given a home in the earth at the Greek Orthodox section of the Gungahlin cemetery. Her husband died in May last year whose name was David cross.

David sent her love letters for 35 years. all her love letters and valentine card were placed on her grave by one of the relatives.

Helen crossed the world for many charities

Helen lived big and for many people a complicated personality. Her only aim is to help her community and improve their life. She championed many good causes and she was awarded for her charity work in 1980. She was called miss charity queen NSW. She would regularly raise money for a great cause. she was difficult to deal with but her intent was always good for the people.

She was elected as a liberal member but she could not stay in the liberal party for long and in the end, she chose to remain independent.

Helen worked to get women more rights

She was the one who changed the course on a very sensitive issue in American society. the issue of abortion criminalization. she wanted more rights for women and she helped them secure the right to abort their own children. She voted against her liberal colleagues and that obviously made her a villain for liberals. that is why she had to leave the party. such issues often cause rifts.

She was a hard-working person and she tabled many private member bills. She came up with an anti-smoking bill that banned smoking in closed premises such as (restaurants, clubs, pubs, malls, government office buildings, and hospitals).

Her husband was a retired brigadier once she left the liberal party she was left with small resources and her husband became her right hand during tough times. David was such a lovely human being who was friendly with all the colleagues of her wife.

She also tried to get re-elected but without the support of the liberal party, she was not re-elected. after that, she left active politics and started working on her jewelry business which she ran for years with his husband.

Both the couple were suffering from health issues since 2014. Helen has left behind her brother and children.

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