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Glenn Hirsch, the suspected killer of Zhiwen Yan, has a lengthy history of intimidating restaurant employees in New York City.

Glenn Hirsch, the suspected killer of Zhiwen Yan

The enraged customer accused of murdering a hardworking Chinese food deliveryman has been apprehended, authorities announced Thursday, more than a month after the horrifying Queens slaying.

Charges on Glenn Hirsch:

According to authorities, accused killer Glenn Hirsch has been charged with murder in the cold-blooded assassination of popular restaurant delivery worker Zhiwen Yan on April 30. At a press conference on Thursday, cops stated that they needed to develop a case against Hirsch before they could arrest him. “While this case appeared simple at first because we developed the suspect early on,” NYPD Lt. John Russo told reporters, “Developing enough evidence to rise to the level of probable cause took some time to do.”

“Why did it take until now to figure out who he was, although at first glance it appeared we knew who he was straight away?” We want to make sure we get the proper individual, and we have a good case,” Russo explained. Hirsch was also recorded on security film circling the restaurant for approximately an hour the night of the incident before following Yan, according to police. After executing a search warrant at Hirsch’s estranged wife on Wednesday night, cops said they found eight weapons.

Statement released by Glenn Hirsch’s attorney:

Hirsch, 51, allegedly damaged Yang’s silver Lexus RV300 outside the cafe in December, costing $250 in damage, according to police sources and Yang. Hirsch returned on Jan. 28, reportedly walking into the restaurant and asking employees, “Do you remember me?” before brandishing a gun and slashing the tyres on Yang’s new car, according to the sources.

Hirsch allegedly shot Yan when he was making a delivery on his scooter, according to authorities. Last month, Yang told The Washington Post that during the gun incident, the workers, including Yan, wrestled the alleged gunman to the ground until police arrived. “How’s it going with your car?” Hirsch allegedly informed restaurant employees, according to prosecutors. “Do you recall who I am?” “I’m going to destroy your whole family.”

Then, in April, Yan was fatally shot. Around 9:30 p.m., Hirsch spotted Yan on a scooter near 108th Street and 67th Drive in Forest Hills, got out of his car, and fatally shot the deliveryman, according to police. Hirsch remained at large until Wednesday when he was apprehended at his residence after police executed a warrant.

Hirsch’s lawyer refuted the charges. Michael Horn, the lawyer, stated, “I believe they arrested the wrong individual.” “My client got into a fight with the manager about a recent order… He has no beef with any of the deliverymen, and he has done nothing to hurt any of them.”

He had no dispute with any of the deliverymen, and he hasn’t done anything to annoy them. He is scheduled to be arraigned on murder and weapons charges on Thursday. Yan’s bereaved widow, Eva Zhao, said in a statement issued Thursday through her counsel, “We are all glad that someone has been detained.” The statement read, “We are grateful to the NYPD and have complete trust that the Queens District Attorney will bring justice to Zhiwen, a loving and compassionate husband, father, son, friend, and community member.”

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