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Hannah Baxter Murder – Her revealed that her husband was forcing her to have $ex every night.

Hannah Baxter Murder
Hannah Baxter Murder

Hannah Clarke was in danger police were not aware of it until she told to police that she was forced to have $ex with her husband, who later murdered her. The domestic violence liaison officer, Senior constable Kirsten Kent was in Brisbane when Ms Clarke, 31, walked in on December 6, 2019. On Monday, she said that Ms Clarke wanted to speak about the relationship with Rowan Baxter,42. 

Ms Clarke tell her Baxter that he was a good dad and would not harm their children, but he changed her attitude as Ms Clarke slowly opened up. she said, ‘I remember not being greatly concerned at first and discussing saying not everything is domestic violence, just because they’re not a very pleasant man doesn’t mean it’s necessarily domestic violence,’. ‘And then she disclosed to me he makes her have $ex every night, and then I went, “Okay, now we’ve got something”.’

Senior constable kent said-

Kent was one of three officers called in to give evidence on the murders of Ms Clarke and her children, Aaliyah, six, Laianah, four, and Trey, three. In February 2020, the family were killed by Baxter during a school run at Camp Hill, in Brisbane’s south, He suffered 80 per cent burns in his body and died from self-inflicted knife wounds at the scene. 

Ms Clarke slowly opened up more to Senior Constable Kent and revealed Baxter chose what she wore, decided who she could talk to, and used his children as pawns to win her back after their separation in late 2019.

during their first conversation, Senior Constable Kent told the inquest Ms Clarke described having $ex with Baxter as a ‘chore’ and appeared ‘unaware she was in a domestic violence relationship.’ 

What Hannah explained-

The way Hannah explained it says that she might not enjoy it and didn’t, particularly she want to do it every night. Still, he wasn’t violent when they were having $ex,’ Senior Constable Kent said it did not appear Ms Clarke was considering a domestic violence application and that she had been urged to visit the station by her worried mother.

Hannah informed Ms Clarke that controlling behavior could be considered family violence before logging the information onto the police system and referring the mother-of-three to a domestic violence service.

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