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Helen Simmons and Matthew jones were caught by the police after making a Robbery

Helen Simmons and Matthew jones were caught by the police after making a Robbery

Maricopa County sheriff’s office has confirmed two armed robbers who looted a jewelry store in Anthem are arrested. A shooting took place during the robbery and one of the victims is quite serious.

Both the robbery suspects are young. the girl Helen is 18 and her boyfriend Matthew is 22. A vehicle was identified by the police and they chased both the accused. Huntington Beach police department was aware of the robbery and once they saw these two teens they immediately chased them down with their cars.

Helen Simmons and Mattew Jones robbed a jewelry store:

The robbery took place in the evening when two suspects broke into the store wearing motorcycle helmets. The store was located near west anthem way and north Gavilian peak.

Both the suspects were wearing all-black dresses. two of them had planned the robbery while one of them used the bag to collect jewelry and another was holding a gun to threaten the store owner and the employee.

during the altercation, a gunshot was fired and one person was hit with the bullet. he was taken to the hospital. as of now, he seems out of danger.

The police department made a statement:

“It was later determined by MCSO detectives that the suspects arrested matched the same description as the suspects involved in the armed robbery at the jewelry store in Anthem, AZ,” Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Monica Bretado made a statement to the press.

Simmons and Mathew both will be in jail for a long time if the charges are approved both are charged with many serious crimes like Attempt to murder, use of nonlicensed arms, RObbery, breaking, and entering.

Helen Simmons and Matthew jones were caught by the police after making a Robbery

Matthew is held on a million dollar bond and his partner in crime Helen is held on half a million bond.

Mathew’s entire face is tattoed and Helen is a white caucasian girl who might have been addicted to drugs from her physical appearance.

the robbery was probably planned by Matthew who never went to college. his girlfriend is also using substances or drugs. without money, it was not possible to buy more drugs.

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