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The Lawyer for Mafias Gerald Shargel dies naturally at 77

The Lawyer for Mafias Gerald Shargel dies naturally at 77

Gerald was a sharp man who saved many mob bosses during his career.

Gerald was famous for shielding Mafia and corrupt politicians. he was seen with John Gotti many times.

Gerald was not ashamed to be seen with people with the most corrupt names and most dangerous criminal activity. He used to say he will use all legal remedies to keep his friends out of jail.

He worked for the most notorious gangs, criminals, and crooked politicians for 4 decades. He died in his home in Manhatten . he took his last breath when he was 77.

Gerald Shargel was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease:

Gerald was suffering from memory cancer called Alzheimer’s disease. his wife confirmed that the disease had some complicated impacts on her husband.

“He was the best criminal lawyer of his generation,” said Joan Wexler his colleague and also the president of Dean of Brooklyn law school.

Gerald represented the Gottie brothers, mafia Boss Joseph Gambino:

he knew how to use his theatrics and great legal knowledge to get many white-collar corrupt politicians and killer mafias. He represented John Gotti, Anthony Provenzano, Joseph Gambino, and Salvatore Gravano. he was also a friend to these men.

He was known for putting the glitter in the dark business of mafias.

The Mob was cool in that era. Gerald was given special entry to Mr. Gotti’s Ravenite Social Club in Little Italy.

He was removed from one case after the opposition alleged that he was family counsel to a mafia crime family. he obviously denied but his reputation was always of a man who worked for the scum of the earth.

The Lawyer for Mafias Gerald Shargel dies naturally at 77

Mr. Gotti was also upset because of his loud mouth Gerald. Gerald wanted to speak to the media and gather attention. During a laked audio Gotti was seen threatening the Lawyer that he will send him flying down his office from the second floor.

former US judge John Gleeson also worked with Gerald and he said  “What distinguished him most was he not only knew his case inside out and could plan a great defense strategy, but he was so disciplined.”

Gerald was a witty man who amused the jury with his sarcasm.

his famous win was when he represented Gottie’s brother who used their company’s ability to whitewash their drug money. both of them were acquitted

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