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Herry Wirawan, an Islamic school’s teacher, is sentenced to death for raping 13 of his students

Herry Wirawan, an Islamic school’s teacher, is sentenced to death for raping 13 of his students

A judge in Indonesia has convicted an Indonesian headmaster to execution for raping 13 girls at an Islamic school over the course of six years, impregnating at least seven of them. Herry Wirawan, the 36-year-old principal, was sentenced to execution by Indonesia’s Bandung High Court on Monday, according to a judgment published on the high court webpage. “(We) thus sentence the accused to death,” it stated. The instructor had been sentenced to life in prison by a municipal court, but authorities appealed to the Supreme Court, demanding capital punishment.

Herry Wirawan

The incident of Indonesian educator Herry Wirawan has shaken the nation and brought attention to the need to safeguard students in religious boarding schools from sexual assault. The court also ordered Herry to pay 300 million Indonesian rupiahs (£15,922) in damages.

Herry Wirawan sexually abused 13 girls, ages 12 to 16, from 2016 till 2021, and pregnant eight of his prey, according to a court in February. His sexual violation caused injury to other people. Authorities in Indonesia, such as the country’s director of safeguarding children, have endorsed demands for a capital crime, despite the fact that the nation’s human rights commission, which supports capital punishment, has declared it is not justified.

Indonesia, the nation’s largest Muslim majority nation, includes tens of thousands of Islamic boarding schools and other religious institutions, which are frequently the sole means of obtaining a learning environment for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The instructor sexually molested girls between the ages of 12 and 16 for 5 years. According to Vice News, at least nine children were born as a result of these rapes. His violence also resulted in wounds to several of the victims. The atrocities were discovered last year after one of the victims’ relatives filed a police report. 

Per the investigation, the felon violently raped the girls in ten locations, such as the school foundation’s headquarters, a boarding school dormitory, a motel, and an apartment. Under the guise of providing them massages, he raped the children. Herry afterward pledged to marry the victims and to pay for their college tuition, as well as to provide for the victim’s offspring.

According to the complaint, he frightened his victims by telling them that they “must obey the teacher.” His spouse was informed of Herry’s sexual crimes on pupils and had even caught him once, but she did nothing because she had been “indoctrinated,” according to the report. The local attorney general’s office indicated that it will react once the high court’s full decision was received.

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