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How Did Coach Eric Baker Pass Away? Read To Know More About Him

eric baker die
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On December 7th, Coach Eric Baker of Cheer Extreme DMV tragically passed away at his home. Eric has been seen at Cheer Extreme DMV for the previous 11 years. He has made a lot of athletes and families happy over his career and has touched many lives. Even though he is no longer with us, his legacy will live on.

Eric Baker’s Cause Of Death

Eric Baker, a well-known coach, cheerleader, and choreographer for Cheer Extreme DMV, unfortunately passed away on December 22, 2022. The precise cause of Eric Baker’s tragic passing has not yet been revealed or made public by anyone. Nobody is aware of what transpired with him or what caused his sudden disappearance.

Everyone was in a profound state of shock, agony, and grief at learning of Eric’s passing. The investigation is ongoing, and it is yet unknown how he died. Additionally, there is currently no information available regarding Eric Baker’s funeral service.

Cheer Extreme DMV

Cheer Extreme, an all-star cheering squad, was founded in 1992. We are thrilled that you are interested in learning more about our programme.

Since CEA is a family-run business, we take great delight in sharing our love of the game with over 1,000 athletes from North Carolina, Illinois, Maryland, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Image credit- medico topics

Our staff tries to assist athletes in developing emotionally, cognitively, and physically via training, performance, and competition. With the proper guidance and instruction, each child can realise their potential, according to our approach.

To encourage teamwork and goal-setting, All-Star cheerleading involves elite stunting, dance, strength & conditioning, and tumbling. Everywhere we coach your athlete, we put safety first and only use the best trainers.


1. Who was Eric Baker?

A. He was a coach and choreographer

2. How did Eric Baker die?

A. Unknown

3. When was Cheer extreme DMV founded?

A. 1992

4. How old was Eric Baker?

A. 45 years old

5. What was his height?

A. 1.71 m

6. What was his Nationality?


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