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Is Andriano Zendejas Transgender?

Is Andriano Zendejas Transgender
Is Andriano Zendejas Transgender

There have been a lot of rumours about the sexuality of the famous Mexican actor Andriano Zendejas. Some people are circulating the news that the actor is transgender. This has become a big question whether he is not. 

Andriano Zendejas Transgender

Andriano Zendejas is a Mexican actor born on the 19th of March 1996 in Mexico City, Mexico. The actresses Samadhi and Dassana are also his sisters. He debuted as a child actor in the film Marina. His appearance in the film Hidden Moon is widely appreciated. 

There have been many speculations arising that the famous actor is transgender. Some people have been circulating this news that they know that he is not straight. But, there haven’t been any substantial news reports on the same. Therefore, his sexuality hasn’t been confirmed by any reliable and authentic source yet. 

Furthermore, we can make out from the actor’s Instagram handle from his lifestyle that he is not transgender. Even if we look at the handles of his sister, in which he is a frequent poster, he doesn’t seem to be one. The allegations he has faced are getting quite famous, but neither he nor his family members have issued any clarifications on the same. 

Meanwhile, the Mexican actor is a tatoo freak. He has a lot of tattoos all over his body. Though Zendejas has kept his personal life very private, he has revealed a hidden love for caps and hats. The actor currently has a 1.4 million follower count on Instagram and is quite popular among fans. 

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