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Is Jerome Ogletree still behind the bar? Murderer of Jazmine Trotter set free?

Is Jerome Ogletree still behind the bar? Murderer of Jazmine Trotter set free?

Jerome was accused and convicted of killing Jazmine Trotter. Court has sentenced him to jail.

Jerome was on the watchlist and he has committed many crimes since his teenage. He was also part of a drug gang. Police traced him and caught him with illegal substances like heroin and cocaine. in the end, he was caught and sent to jail.

In 2013 he took Jazmine hostage and after some argument or due to his personal motivations he killed Jazmine. soon after the murder police caught him and produced him in court. after a proper trial, he was sent to jail and sentenced.

Police were also looking for him on many serious charges like carjacking, kidnapping, supply of drugs, loot, and robbery. He was a long-time criminal for the court.

Jerome Ogletree out of the jail?

There have been some documents leaked that confirm Jerome has been let go by the police department and all the charges are dropped. it can be only possible with bribery or political support. the matter must be investigated because the life of ordinary people is in danger.

Jerome was produced in Cleveland municipal court and he was sent to Cuyahoga jail. He was convicted for the murder of Jazmine. he has been set free.

Jerome was sent to jail thrice in 1999,2002,2006 and he came out again and has been caught repeatedly by police on the charges of drug supply.

in 1993 Jerome attempted a robbery and he was sent to jail.

his recent crime was the murder of Jazzmine, court found him guilty and sent him to jail soon he was out.

Personal life of Jerome Ogletree :

He was known by very few. he has frequently fought with the law and that is why he has no personal life. usually without a family life, a criminal becomes much more dangerous because he has nothing to worry about or fear for. a lot of criminals have surrendered due to family pressure.

Is Jerome Ogletree still behind the bar? Murderer of Jazmine Trotter set free?

Trotter’s mom, Monique Williams, said, “That was the worst day of my whole life. That was the worst thing you could have done.” On March 24, 2013, her brother, her cousin, and her mother found her dead body.

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