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Jammie Barker, a Spanish teacher has been arrested

Jammie Barker, a Spanish teacher has been arrested
Jammie Barker, a Spanish teacher has been arrested

A few days back, a preliminary schoolteacher tried to molest one of his class pupils and later had been arrested by law enforcement. However, from her teacher’s demonic intentions the student got saved and he proceeded to court where he served imprisonment. 

On the other hand, similar to the case, the police officers have detained another teacher. Jammie Barker, named teacher who taught at Roosevelt High School has been alleged grooming charges after which she has been apprehended. This case has spread and gone viral all over social media like a wildfire. To gain more information about the case, everyone is passing the information further over the internet.

After the parents of the victim child filed a case of child molestation, Jammie Barker has been arrested by law enforcement. She was taken into custody by the police officer and an investigation has commenced. Till now, no evidence has been fetched by the police that proves the allegations against the teacher.

Such cases are fear of parents

Along with the parents of the victim, nowadays, other child parents are also deeply concerned and worried for their children due to such cases. However, the concern of the parents is completely justified as the teacher is a person who is there to teach disciples and the principles of life. Behind anyone’s personality, the first person who is considered is the teacher and also they are the prominent reason for this. But if the teacher carries such kind of bad intentions for the students, then the parents do not have any other option except to provide a home school for their children. 

About the school’s reputation

So, Roosevelt High School is very well known for its Rugby team and authority. On the sports team of the school, even a documentary has been released. The parents of the students are affirmed by the school authority to provide sacred knowledge to their children. But this incident has shocked the reputation of the school, because of which the parents have started questioning the faculty. The teacher, Jammie has spoiled the prestige of the school.

Also, the school authority appointed Jammie as a Spanish teacher. Everyone who has learned about the incident is criticizing and defamed the teacher a lot, and also expressed their concern towards the child. However, to learn more aspects of the case some of them are still waiting. Till now, the case is moving ahead and more information will soon be gathered.

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