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Janiya Douglas – 19 years old Homestead women get arrested in the case of Bucket List

Janiya Douglas - 19 years old Homestead women get arrested in the case of Bucket List

A farmstead country house female person named Janiya Douglas was apprehended on the morning of Thursday for running away from a deputy. Janiya Douglas informed that the deputy of the Monroe County Sheriff was getting arrested in the case of “bucket list being high school.” Janiya Douglas also had a full name, Janiya Shaimiracle Douglas, who was also detained in the case of fleeing and evading. 

Why did Janiya Douglas get jailed?

By report, the second in command captain reported that the Toyota Sedan’s driver was very fast, speeding and driving carelessly on the roads of Card Sound Road at roughly 7:47 a.m. The officer spaced out the lights and sirens of the patrol’s car, but Janiya Douglas, constantly driving southbound up, finally came to an end at the 3-way intersection at 905 Country Road. By the Monroe County Sheriff, Janiya Douglas was taken to prison. 

Janiya Douglas Parents

In maintaining rules and regulations on roads and traffic, Janiya Douglas was arrested due to her careless driving. For information, Janiya Shaimiracle Douglas is just a 19 years old woman detained on the morning of 12th of May 2022 at 9:48 a.m. at the location of 58000 Card Sound Road, Key Largo, which is in Florida. You will be surprised to know that Janiya Shaimiracle Douglas was taken to prison because of her wish list from high school, and the suspect informs this statement. 

About Janiya Shaimiracle Douglas-

The source of information from the website that belongs to the department of Monroe County Sheriff is that Janiya Shaimiracle Douglas is working as a caretaker or maybe we can say as a housemaid. Janiya Shaimiracle Douglas lives in Homestead, which belongs in Florida. And where Janiya Shaimiracle Douglas’s detention occurred, the Homestead is about 20 miles away.

The Card Sound Road address is the address that belongs to the Alabama Jack’s Beach bar. According to the information, the bar was not opened until 11:00, agreeing on their opening hours. And according to the law of Florida, Janiya Shaimiracle Douglas creates a case of hit-and-run. Also, he conveys some penalties that may consist of the suspension of her license for one to five years, which is a result of her carelessness.

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