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Gold coast movie maker Jed Cahill dies from terminal disease at 43.

Gold coast movie maker Jed Cahill dies from terminal disease at 43

The death of Jed Cahill has bought shocked many fans. His abrupt death at such a young age wasn’t expected.

Jed was a well-known face on the Gold coast, Australia for his cinema work. Fans and friends sent many overwhelming condolences messages on social media for Jed.

Jed used to educate young and upcoming filmmakers in his driving van. He drove people in the Queensland film festival and discussed movies with them.

Doctors weren’t expecting Jed to live much longer due to his deteriorating condition. Jed died from terminal disease brain cancer. Jed had been fighting cancer for over a year. in a series of people being attacked by cancer, this is another young person being a victim of an incurable disease.

Jed underwent the surgical process, chemo, and immunotherapy remedy. his three partners helped him during these tough times.

A fundraising initiative for the deceased filmmakers was raised and over $100000 was donated in no time. 

Jed Cahill family:

Jed’s family included a partner and three young children. all three children were with his partner .they were yet to get married.

Cahil had two daughters and a son who survived after him. Their pictures are doing rounds on the internet.

Jed spent his last day with his family. He had also planned to go on a vacation to spend the last days with his family. the family is mourning the death of Jed who passed away at such a young age.

Queensland film association gave 12 months of residential services to the deceased moviemaker.

Jed Cahill’s net worth:

Australia pays a minimum of $45 per hour to moviemakers. usual filmmakers make $94142 per year.

There are no accurate numbers on his earnings but there is a possibility he made between $60000 to $ 90000 per year.

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