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John Haigh, the man whose innovations transformed Haigh’s Chocolates, has passed away.

John Haigh
Source: the advertiser

John Haigh, who passed away at the age of 93, was a pioneer in the South Australian chocolate industry and helped develop the legendary Haigh’s Chocolates brand.

It was his grandfather, Alfred Haigh, who established the business and opened the first store in 1915 at the Beehive Building, which was located at 34 King William Street in the city of Adelaide. He was the grandson of Alfred Haigh.

The news of John Haigh’s death was verified by the corporation in a statement that was released on the 10th of February. “More than any other person, John Haigh is responsible for the taste of Haigh’s Chocolates that we know and love today,” said John Haigh’s sons Alister and Simon Haigh, who are also the company’s current managing directors. Alister and Simon Haigh are also John Haigh’s successors as the family business’s sole proprietors.

“He turned Haigh’s into a maker of chocolate of premium quality that is widely praised and recognised as being among the best in the world.” After receiving training with the Lindt chocolate producers in Switzerland and the Sprungli chocolatiers, John Haigh joined the company in 1946.

After that, he went to the United States to investigate manufacturing, shop styles, and marketing. In 1959, he was promoted to the position of managing director, and he held that position until 1990.

The majority of the credit for “revolutionising” the brand goes to him, according to the firm.

“In addition to the product’s quality and flavour, he also developed the exclusiveness of the Haigh’s in-store experience and the way in which Haigh’s is promoted to this day,” Alister and Simon Haigh said. “This is something that continues to this day.”

John Haigh of Haigh's Chocolates has died | The Advertiser

Source: the advertiser

“He laid the groundwork for what would become an extremely successful family firm that is actively growing and doing robust trade throughout Australia.” The oldest chocolate company in Australia, Haigh’s Chocolates, is also the only Australian chocolate company that does not sell or distribute its products outside of Australia.

When it started making toffee and other kinds of chocolate, it first made fruit centres wrapped in chocolate and sold separately.

“John was a pioneering figure in the field of chocolate production. He will be deeply missed, and his memory will go on forever. “Rest in peace, John,” said his sons.

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