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Judith Durham a well know folk singer from Australia passed away at 79

Judith Durham a well know folk singer from Australia passed away at 79

Judith Durham was the leader of the seekers, her work got her global recognition. She used to sing local Australian folk but she was famous internationally and she died at 79.

Judith was a long-time patient with severe lung disease. there has been complication after long treatment and she could not survive the severe disease. she died in n Alfred Hospital in Melbourne on Friday night. Universal Music Australia and Musicoast confirmed her death in an official statement.

Her first recording took place when she was 19 and she soon became a superstar when she joined the Seekers in 1963.

This Australian band crossed the boundaries of fame outside Australia. It Attained top place in UK Charts and United stated. their entire work sold over 50 million records. 

Some of her global hits included “The Carnival is Over,” “I’ll Never Find Another You,” “A World of Our Own” and “Georgy Girl.” 

Judith Durham reunited with seekers after 22 years:

Durham after some years of collaboration with Seekers parted ways. this is a long story that most young bands don’t last long. she also assumed that she could have more money and more freedom with a solo career but in 1990 she returned to Seekers.

“This is a sad day for Judith’s family, her fellow Seekers, the staff of Musicoast, the music industry and fans worldwide, and all of us who have been part of Judith’s life for so long,” confirmed The Seekers’ management team member Graham Simpson.

She had a beautiful relationship with her band partners Keith Potger, Bruce Woodley, and Athol Guy.

they worked together for a long time and that also shows how people mature with time and learn to work with each other. they call her “our treasured lifelong friend and shining star”.

 the band she separated sees her as a dear friend and a shining star is evidence that people can learn to live with each other and make space in the lives people.

Judith Durham a well know folk singer from Australia passed away at 79

“Her struggle was intense and heroic, never complaining of her destiny and fully accepting its conclusion. Her magnificent musical legacy Keith, Bruce, and I are so blessed to share,” they said.

Prime minister Anthony Albanese tweeted for Judith Durham:

 Prime Minister Anthony Albanese paid tribute to Durham as “a national treasure and an Australian icon.”

“Judith Durham gave voice to a new strand of our identity and helped blaze a trail for a new generation of Aussie artists,” Albanese wrote on Twitter.

 “Her kindness will be missed by many, the anthems she gave to our nation will never be forgotten.”

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