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Kit Hesketh-Harvey, a favourite of the royal family and an operatic renaissance man, has died unexpectedly.

Kit Hesketh-Harvey
Source: Oxgaps

Former Radio 4 Today editor Sarah Sands has lost her brother, Kit Hesketh-Harvey, suddenly, while while continuing to seek for her ex-husband, Julian Sands. The 65-year-old cabaret performer, songwriter, and pantomime villain passed suddenly on Wednesday. Ms. Sands said this of her sibling: “Kit was stunning – smart, unique, humorous, compassionate.

Whenever I met him, he was plotting out pilgrimage routes through Norfolk; he was always up for a new adventure or funny story. He was quite generous.

Mark Palmer, the Travel Editor for the Daily Mail and the late star’s brother-in-law, echoed the sentiments of the public, saying, “He was the most brilliant, humorous, charming, and gifted guy I have ever known, greatly loved by everyone — including King Charles, for whom he used to play.”

It was stated that King Charles was a huge fan of his work and considered him a particular favourite in the realm of entertainment. Mr. Hesketh-Harvey has given several performances for Prince Charles, including one at Highgrove House.

How did Screenwriter Kit Hesketh-Harvey Die? Know his Cause of Death?

Source: Oxgaps diary editor Richard Eden has claimed in his column that he had written for series including “The Vicar of Dibley” and the screenplay for the 1987 film “Maurice,” directed by James Ivory. Moreover, he and pianist Richard Sisson performed as the cabaret duo Kit And The Widow.

Married life

Kate Rabett, a former girlfriend of Prince Andrew and a Bond girl and Hot Gossip dancer, was married to Mr. Hesketh-Harvey. However, they just divorced in a very contentious manner. Kit and Kate raised two kids in the three-story Georgian rectory in the Norfolk town where they lived for 35 years.

Kit was compelled by the breakup to relocate to the vestry of the church he owned, which was conveniently located across the street from their former marital house.

After growing close to an Old Etonian banker called Ian Harrison, Ms. Rabett found herself torn during the epidemic between her husband and her newfound love.

The Independent stated that his agency said Kit died calmly while listening to BBC Radio 3 and getting ready for a Kit and McConnel programme, despite his untimely passing.

Together with Richard Sisson, he shared the stage for 30 years before calling it quits in 2012.

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