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Lebron James extends the contract with the lakers, receives $97.1m

Lebron James extends the contract with the lakers, receives $97.1m

Lebron James extends the contract with the lakers, receives $97.1m

This is the biggest money thing that happened in NBA. There is a guarantee that Lebron will make $532m contract money in NBA, this has never happened. although Lebron is already a billionaire and he has invested money in different places.

Lebron will play for two more years at lakers although he can choose to play for the third year. It is his choice if he wants to continue for the third year or not.

Klutch Sports CEO Rich Paul, who represents James Lebron confirmed the deal first.

Kevin Durant previously made the highest contract from NBA but the extremely fit Lebron will earn $532 million from the NBA. His last contract was $44.5 million and there were speculations that he might change his team because it might be his last contract due to his age. he is currently 37 years old but the heavy amount offered by the Lakers has put all in the speculations on hold.

a four-time NBA champion and 18-time All-Star will soon turn 38 in November. He currently scores 27 points per match, he will cross the biggest legend in NBA history Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

James Lebron scored 30.3 points on average in the last season:

The Lakers could not make it to the playoffs last season although James performed tremendously well. He averaged 30.3 points, 8.2 rebounds, and 6.2 assists in 56 games.

The Lakers have won the NBA cup for a record 17 times but due to technical difficulties, they cannot add a third max contract player. Lakers have two superstars of the game playing for them. Lebron and Anthony Davis.

If he plays in 2024 for 2025 he might get to play with his eldest son. His son Bronny will soon be able to play in the draft.

At the time that LeBron and co-star Anthony Davis did not give allow Lakers GM Rob Pelinka for the deadline non-moves.Pelinka confirmed the news later.

Laker star had already expressed his frustration on social media the GM of the Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams famed for his intent to include first-round picks in trades for veteran stars, was “My type of guy.”

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