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Leonardo Del Vecchio, the super-rich Ray-ban owner, passed away at 87

Leonardo Del Vecchio, the super-rich Ray-ban owner, passed away at 87

Del Vecchio made one of the biggest sunglasses company in the world. His iconic Ray-bans will never go out of style. He was one of the richest people in Europe.

He was also an investor in the Financial market. He had signification money poured into MedioBance and Insurer Generali.

Leonardo Del Vecchio was a small-time business in the dolomite mountains. He ran an optical shop. He made Ray-bans probably the biggest brand in Eyewear.

He was raised with other orphans in Milan. In the town of Agordo, he initiated his first shop. He was a small-time supplier of eye frames but his brand soon became a super hit all over the world.

He was one of the biggest names in the luxury world. His Glasses like Ra ban and Oakley took him to the top of the world. He purchased many companies.

Italians are famous for Ferrero rocher as well. Vecchio was only second to Farreros when it come to money in Italy.

He was over $25 billion in worth and he is dead.

His multiple company organization was called EssilorLuxottica. He was over 32% owner in that deal. French lens manufacturer Essilor also merged with his company. This is the only company that produces every super-rich brand from Versace to Gucci. no one is allowed inside the company production. There is a total of 180000 employees working for the deceased.

They make eyewear for the medical market as well.

Leonardo is remembered by Georgio Armani:

“I’ve lost a friend, first, and a companion in this long professional adventure,” 

“Your passing afflicts me deeply.”

designer Giorgio Armani tweeted.

The paris-based company which is the biggest retailer and manufacturer of lenses will take the next steps after board meetings.

Leonardo Del Vecchio, the super-rich Ray-ban owner, passed away at 87

Reserved and limelight hater:

Leonardo Del Vecchio never wanted to be in the headlines. he was often away from the media. once during a rare interaction with a media guy, he spilled the secret of his success.He was always trying to be the best at what he did and he was too ambitious to have any content.

Troubled life:

His mother was a widow during the war and she could not feed him so she Vecchio to the orphanage.

He was a hard worker and work was his priority.

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