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Michael Maughan beat and raped a woman, his sentence was reduced from 24 to 18 years

Michael Maughan beat and raped a woman, his sentence was reduced from 24 to 18 years

A threat to humanity has been given relief in his sentence. He has been convicted of raping, sexually assaulting, and threatening multiple women. Michael Maughan,27 confessed to many of his crimes. He used to threaten and forced women to rape and kidnap them for many days. He has also accepted that he has physically harmed many women.

Maughan was caught by the police and he had beaten many women . one case in particular where a woman in her 20s was exposed to multiple beatings. He would hurt her face and her stomach with his fists. he suppressed her to the floor and hid her keys and didn’t let her go.

Michael Maughan lived in the hotel with the victim:

In 2021 while the victim was living in multiple hotels and was taken with him. was treated with anger and physical abuse.

They lived in Chiswick and hammersmith. Maughan threw a chair on her and poured cough syrup on her.

The woman was scared of getting killed, she told the secret to her friend and she went to the police station in Northamptonshire.

The detective after hearing the serious case immediately started looking for evidence again Michael Maughan. soon they both found the victim and criminal.

The victim hid herself:

During the investigation, the victim was in hiding. She was also reported missing. Maughan tried really hard to find her and stalked her to many places she went to. Michael went berserk in Salon where he threatened and abused the staff. One of the employees was so scared of his mad behavior that the employee immediately quit the place and never returned out of fear.

Michael Maughan beat and raped a woman, his sentence was reduced from 24 to 18 years

Intelligence used their sources to locate the rapist and he was discovered and apprehended. The victim was severely distressed and wasn’t able to muster courage because of the horror she went through.

Police looked for surveillance videos, forensic reports, mobile phone locations,s, and witness testimony to gather a huge amount of evidence. Maughan had no choice but to plead guilty.

Due to his guilty plea, he was given relief of 6 years and now he will serve 18 and half years in jail

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