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Los Angeles Hiker, Oscar Alejandro Hernandez was found dead after missing for 2 weeks with his faithful dog still by his side

Los Angeles Hiker, Oscar Alejandro Hernandez

Where was he found?

According to multiple reports, a California tourist was found dead with his dog alive and by his side after being missing for more than two weeks.

Los Angeles authorities say 29-year-old Oscar Alejandro Hernandez was discovered on Thursday night in a remote area of ​​Griffith Park, according to NBC Los Angeles and KABC. People contacted the Los Angeles Police Department to confirm the reports.

According to an LAPD missing-persons report, on March 16 at around 2:30 a.m. local time, Hernandez went missing in the hills of Griffith Park.  A missing person flyer shared by the Hernandez family says the hiker was last seen on a carousel in the park, according to NBC Los Angeles.

According to reports, Hernandez King’s dog was found lying next to the man as emergency personnel arrived at the scene. After being rescued, the golden retriever was described as tired and hungry.

The man’s cousin told NBC Los Angeles that King stayed close to his late owner at all times. The outlet tweeted a video of a dog in the back of a truck the same night Hernandez was found dead. The cause of death was not released, and it is not known how the body was found.

According to an NBC Los Angeles firefighter, the location of Hernandez’s body was a decent rise from where he was last seen. The Los Angeles Fire Department was joined by police, park rangers and Hernandez’s relatives at the site where the tourist was on Thursday night, the publication reported.

A search and rescue team from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department used a helicopter to remove Hernandez’s body from the steep hillside where he was found. The investigation into Hernandez’s death is ongoing, KABC reports. Anyone with information is asked to contact the LAPD.

Loss for family

The tourist’s family is in a state of shock upon learning of his passing. It was a huge shock for them as they lost him at such a young age. Oscar Hernandez was only 29 at the time of his death. All his friends and relatives are in shock after his death. At this time, his family needs everyone’s care and peace.

Robert Kovacik confirmed in a tweet, “Body of 29-year-old Oscar Hernandez, missing for 16 days, discovered in #GriffithPark.  His dog, King, found alive and by his side.”

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