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Loss of the father, Anthony Apostolico, on father’s day

Loss of the father, Anthony Apostolico, on father's day

In Rockland city, on father’s day, one man died who was the father of four children. He was traveling with his two children, and one tree fell on their truck, so father Anthony died in this incident, and it took place Northbound on the  Palisades Interstate Parkway. 

He has a son Vincent Apostolico who was driving the vehicle and got critically injured. CBS2’s Tony Aiello said that he is heartbroken by losing his beloved friend. His other friend, John mate, said that Anthony always smiles and laughs. 

Know some personal detail about  Apostolico:- 

He has the Italian food center and won first prize in the best sandwich contest; he was a fixture in North Rockland. He was the father of four children. Police said that winds were close to 40 mph when the tree fell; due to this accident, other people also had to bear the loss, and they also faced many problems due to this incident. 

CBS2 told Palisades Interstate Park Commission to check all the safety measures related to that area in the heavily-wooded stretch of the parkway. 

Tribute given by many peoples to Anthony Apostolico:- 

Those people who had worked with Anthony are in deep grief. Sean Porter said that this is very tragic. He was a great man, an individual with a beautiful smile and a big heart. He was known for his generous spirit; he had made many donations to a community group and helped small business starters. 

His one of Friends Alexander had consulted him before opening a healthy meal store. He said his words felt true: if you are nice to people, they are nice to you; he added that he is very sad by thinking about his family and his wife.

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