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Lucas Moura is accused of rape. Is the football star arrested?

Lucas Moura

Lucas Maura has been buzzed as a suspect of assault and rape. Town world is going berserk after these allegations.

Football fans and the players’ teams are about to visit Qatar for the FIFA world cup and the rape and assault charges on Lucas have created an uproar.

The assault took place in June 2022 and the accused player was arrested and questioned by the police on July 3. The world cup is about to begin and such shocking news has caused trauma for team football fans.

Lucas is a Tottenham winger and the police have not yet confirmed his arrest. although reports suggest he was caught in his home in the early morning on July 4.

Maura has a colorful personality as per his social media. Police have not clarified the charges yet and soon they will reveal them. the footballer was questioned for over 15 hours by police.

Is lucas Maura arrested?

The assault accused is currently detained by police but it is not confirmed yet that the accused is Maura.

The premier league is also seen with suspicion by many audiences. this incident can bring out more such scandals.

Lucas Maura is the prime suspect in this case. there have been repeated claims that he is the main accused behind this serious case. The lady who was attacked claimed the offender was also a young man in his 20s. this tragic incident occurred a month ago during a break.

The victim girl is 20 years old and she was facing swelling due to an attack. she has given picture proofs and a complete account of her side to the police.

The victim female left the five-star resort after the attack and went back to her family in UK. Fans are also extremely disappointed after such shocking news was revealed.

Netizens want justice to be served and the victim should receive compensation.

Lucas Moura arrested

Where is Lucas Moura?

He has a wife and two children and he is currently staying in London. He is originally from Brazil but due to his contractual obligations with Tottenham, he has chosen London to be his home. He visits his family on regular basis to see his family whenever he gets the chance.

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