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Malgorzata swilton ,37 year old women dead. Who was the killer of the Salford woman?

Malgorzata swilton ,37 year old women dead. Who was the killer of the Salford woman?

Malgorzata swilton ,37 year old women dead

The young woman was troubled mentally, she was admitted to Hospital for 3 rd time due to mental health issues. just after she was released from the mental hospital she was reported to have drowned in the river Irwell.

The lady’s dead body was recovered from the river. She had already visited the hospital 3 times due to covid complications. the hospital report confirms that she had Psychological issues since she contracted covid.

Who was Malgorzata Swilton and did she commite suicide?

She had made headlines since she was stuck by covid thrice, the lady has been suffering from Mental health issues, and then she was found dead in a river.

The police as of now assume that due to her frequent visits to the hospital she got really upset and might have committed suicide. The nurses and hospital staff in their observations seemed normal and had no intentions to kill herself.

Malgorzata Swilton  was also married to a man:

The exact reasons for the death of Swilton are still not mentioned by police or hospital authorities.

Shilton had already told her physicians that she has been suffering from anxiety and all the signs of anxiety are found in her. She grew extra conscious since she was hit by covid. the disease actually increased her anxiety and life became much more difficult for her.

Shilton was a white brunette and she used to wear glasses. Shilton was wearing yellow footwear, and a grey sweater, and her body were recovered from the river Irwell.

There have been 3 times evaluations of the mental health of Malgorzata Swilton, then she was allowed to leave the hospital and there was proof that she was in good condition to be left alone.

 the family of the Margorzarta does not want to share many details about their late child. This must be a difficult phase for them so must give them the necessary space to mourn.

Swilton was married to Adam Jozwiuk.  She has been hysterical from June 8 to June 13 and her family took her to the hospital immediately. her sister Jolanta Swiatlon immediately flew to London when she heard her sister was going through difficult times.

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