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Patrese Sayas natural death or bullet injury murder? How did the Nurse die?

Patrese Sayas natural death or bullet injury murder? How did the Nurse die?

Patrese Sayas Husband died of suicide in a parking garage. he killed himself with a gunshot.

A nurse’s dead body was recovered from her Southfield home on July 7. The death was sudden and full of mystery for the authorities. It was weird that in the first instance it looked clear that she had a natural report but post Partum report exposed the death to be from bullets. The case created more curiosity after her husband killed himself hours later. initially, authorities assumed he must not have been able to take the shock of the death of his wife but now it is clear that he killed her and he was maybe scared of jail or died of guilt.

He hit his head with the bullet.

Sayas daughter wanted to talk to her mother but could not establish a connection so she called her hospital the hospital said she had not made any contact in the past 3 days which is not her. She used to work there daily for 30 years.

Rachelle immediately headed to her mother’s house and after knocking on the door she found no response from her. her cat was not running around and her car was not there so she called the police. police did not break in, assuming it was too much for too little. Rachelle being a caring daughter found it tough to believe.

She called a friend of hers who came and helped her get inside the half-open window. she found her mother Patrese lying dead and she called the hospital services. They also said she had died of natural death but she went on to investigate further and asked for her autopsy report. she was sure that she was killed by her husband and she was very healthy.

“It just really hurts, and I’m her only child, and we don’t have any family here anymore they’ve all moved away over the years, and I’m just here by myself with my boys just trying to do the right thing,” Rochelle said.

Who was Patrese Sayas?

Patrese was a nurse who loved her grandkids and gardening.

“I call her the crazy cat lady gardener because she rescues all the cats in our backyard; all her coworkers have one, one I have one and didn’t even like cats,” 

Patrese Sayas natural death or bullet injury murder? How did the Nurse die?

“She attended everything my kids have done.”Rochelle said.

Rochell was sure that it was murder. McIntosh killed her and then committed suicide out of fear. Rochelle definitely knew he was doing something wrong with her. Her mother must have told her before death.

Rochell shared on Facebook about Patrese:

 “I appreciate everyone sharing the post about my mom and police wanting to question Gregg McIntosh He has been found He shot my mom in the head then stole her truck to drive to Detroit to kill himself by gunshot too I tell it exactly I’m not sugar coating shit People are evil”.

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