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Paul Murdaugh CCTV footage of death Mystery solved?

Paul Murdaugh

Parent Maggie  Murdaugh and her son Paul Murdaugh were killed the previous year. The crime took the country by storm. people were distraught and upset over this gruesome crime. Paul was as young as 22 and maggies were 53 years of age. Both were found murdered in the back of their garden. Maggie’s husband found both murdered relatives and called the cops.

Murdaugh family is influential:

Murdaugh family is an influential family in South Carolina. Murdaugh’s family murder is an unsolved mystery. It seems someone is targetting the family one by one. There have been three murders in the Murdaugh family and Motives and killers aren’t found yet. These two new victims make a total death count of five from the same family. They were one of the biggest names in the US. the controversy is huge and a lot of US citizens are curious, “how and why is someone killing Murdaughs”

Murdaugh’s family has gathered a fortune. past three generations have served as S.C.’s fourteenth judicial circuit solicitor for 86 years. from 1920 to 2006.

Paul Murdaugh

the family also runs a huge law firm in South Carolina. PMPED is the law firm they run. Peters, Murdaugh, Parker, Eltzroth, and Detrick are family members and they also run the law firm. They earned goodwill & fame after pouring a generation of hard work. Now their reputation is at stake.

Accused of hiring hitman:

Young Paul Murdaugh was accused of killing innocent Mallory beach in February 2019. Paul was enjoying his boat ride and suddenly the accident happened. Alex Murdaugh was accused of hiring a sharpshooter to kill himself so his son could enjoy the $ 10 million insurance money. Buster Murdaugh only surviving kid of Murdaugh’s family would have gotten that money. many investigators, news channels, and documentary makers are interested in their mysterious murder series.

we are waiting for government officials to uncover the murder mystery. We will be the first to provide details of the Murdaugh family. 

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