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Rasha Bseis Viral & Leaked Video on Twitter

Rasha Bseis Viral & Leaked Video on Twitter

On social media, a video of a guy visiting the Naples Zoo to observe some animals became popular on the internet. He encounters a lot of creatures, but the last one kills him. By encountering a Tiger, he placed his life in jeopardy. His encounter will be elevated to a new level. A Tiger had attacked him, and he had perished instantly. Yes, Rasha Basis was his name. In this post, we’ll go through what occurred to Rasha and what he was doing when a tiger attacked him.

Rasha Bseis’ video goes viral on Twitter and Reddit.

On Thursday morning, he’ll visit the zoo. His zoo arrangements are complete, but he cannot attend due to unforeseen circumstances because he is preoccupied with work. After a few days, he eventually decided to schedule a trip to the Naples Zoo. He had a digital camera, a bag, and food with him. He takes photos with a digital camera every time he sees an animal and shoots selfies with them.

However, as he went to photograph the Tiger, the animal attacked him, and he died instantly. Despite this, he is never allowed to save him. He couldn’t see the audience since he was so far away. After some time had passed, cops arrived and shot the animal.

The Tiger was eight years old at the time. Eko is the moniker given to him by his trainers. The Malaysian Tiger was his name. Whenever the trainer summoned the Tiger, he did so. He was just referred to as an Eko. 

Eko also follows the trainer’s instructions. However, Eko died as a result of this occurrence. According to the official and verified account known as NPR on Twitter, the endangered Tiger that attacked a man at the Naples Zoo at the Caribbean Gardens in Naples, Florida, has died after being shot by police Wednesday night. Eko, a Malayan tiger, is eight years old.

Many people are looking for Rasha’s videos on social media, yet no video has ever been published on the internet. If they do, the video will be taken down right away because it goes against the platform’s logic and regulations. However, many people on the Reddit forum think that movies exist. Don’t try to use it on another platform if you locate one. These platforms can be deleted as well.

Rasha Bseis Viral & Leaked Video:

When the police arrived, they discovered this animal, an 8-year-old tiger named Eko. As a result, the train began to address him by this name, and he responded by listening attentively and adhering to all of the trainer’s rules. We all know that tigers are extremely deadly animals, so we should keep a safe distance from them, even if they are trained, yet Eko died due to this occurrence. The official also stated on that Twitter account about the tiger incident and how the Tiger attacked this man in the Naples Zoo’s Caribbean Garden.

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