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Rob Harcourt’s death? what happened on the trampoline?

Rob Harcourt

Rob Harcourt’s death? what happened on the trampoline?

Rob Harcourt left the world in the arms of the women he loved the most. The mother of Rob Harcourt and his lover was with him when the accident happened. The scaffolder was only 37 years old and the trampoline got imbalanced. He was performing stunts on the trampoline and he fell off the trampoline to a nearby place and got injured badly. His mother and partner were also enjoying the trampoline view and he lived with them all his life. It was heartbreaking for Rob Harcourt’s family to see him die in front of them. 

Rob was having fun on the trampoline last month at a friend a house. he was severely injured and many parts of his body got injured and suffered a painful injuries. this painstaking incident happened in the loving arms of his mother Jackie Graves and his companion Jade Higgins.

Rob Harcourt was injured in a trampoline accident:

The 37-year-old Rob needed many operations although the doctors said: “avoid any more damage” after suffering “catastrophic” and impossible to recover injury. His mother Jackie informed him that he was unconscious for a long time after the accident. Victim Rob was taken to James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough’s intensive care unit first but he could not be treated there so he was moved to another place. His partner Jade was with him all this time and she did not leave him during these difficult times.

Mother Graves said “My intelligent, funny, loving, and lovely son Rob has anesthetized overseas in large quantities and Jade’s arms,” Jimmy used to be here with us as well, holding his hand. Heartbroken would not affect how we are operating at this time.

Gofundme has been created to raise funds for Rob Harcourt’s family:

A lot of people have sent massive tributes to the late person. He had the ability to bring people together. a gofundme had been raised to make life easier for the people who love him. £9,000 has been raised for the family and funeral of the late Rob.

Mrs. Jones previously stated: “Jade has been able to focus on what she needs to do to get by each day because of the GoFundMe and everyone’s compassion.” 

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