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Ronan Kanda 16-year-old boy murdered in a stabbing attack

Ronan Kanda 16-year-old boy murdered in a stabbing attack

Ronan Kanda had many people emotionally attached to him. They are heartbroken after he passed away in the deadly attack. They describe him as “kind-hearted, loving, caring”

Some of them described the situation as  “kind-hearted, loving, caring”.

medical officers conducted a medical post martum and they identified the real reason for death. Police have informed the press that he was attacked twice with the knife at the crime scene. the place of the crime was Mount Road, Lanesfield, shortly before 9 pm on Wednesday.

 A total 5 accused are arrested in Ronan kanda case:

Ronan Kanda’s murder has erupted a sense of anger and fear among the locals. A total 5 accused of his same age were arrested.

His family made a police statement:

“Ronan was a kind-hearted, loving, caring 16-year-old. Our son and a brother who would do anything for anyone.

“He was a funny character who made everyone laugh around him.

“He is taken from us cruelly and our hearts are broken.

“We want everyone to pray for his soul now. We will always love you our son and my brother and you will live within us now.”

Police say multiple accused are being questioned right now . There have been multiple arrests from age 16 to 20 and police are trying to find if they are involved in this case.

Detective Ade appealed to locals:

Investigative detective Ade George has asked people to help.

Ade said: “We’re making good progress with our inquiries, but we still need anyone with information to get in touch with us if they saw or heard anything on Wednesday night.

Ronan Kanda

“I’m really keen to hear from anyone who was driving in the area at the time.

“We know that there were cars driving on the road in the moments before the attack, and it may be that dash cam footage will give us essential evidence.

“It’s really important you speak to us if you have any information on what happened, who was responsible, or why Ronan was attacked.”

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