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‘Shroomie Shenanigans’ is the newest April fools related challenge in ‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’

'Shroomie Shenanigans' is the newest April fools related challenge in ‘Cookie Run_ Kingdom’
'Shroomie Shenanigans' is the newest April fools related challenge in ‘Cookie Run_ Kingdom’

Cookie Run: Kingdom, a popular mobile game, has chosen to commemorate April Fool’s Day slightly earlier this year by introducing a new challenge called Shroomie Shenanigans, which transforms the various cookies into living humans. Poisonous Mushroom Cookie has discovered a new mystery item called the ‘rainbow shroomies’ in the Shroomie Shenanigans Tournament, and Licorice Cookie chooses to exploit it to cause some trouble. You can get them through accomplishing different chores in the videogame, and then giving them to one of your cookies to “pull a joke” on them. As a consequence, several extremely unique new forms appear, some of which give the Cookie Run figures a human-like appearance.

To change the appearance of the cookies, gamers will require a ‘rainbow shroom’, which they will require to complete tasks efficiently. For each mission completed successfully, participants receive a shroom. Shrooms can be used by players to pull pranks on their cookies. As previously stated, gamers will receive a little prize with each makeover. As per accounts, this April Fools event would go through till the 14th of April 2022, seeing as it’s a 15-day occasion. Participants must remember to finish all chores before the tournament’s conclusion. The majority of the conversions will resemble a human, but there will be some exceptions. Numerous forms could be seen on Reddit, where a person uploaded the looks of a variety of characters. The fans of the game are very happy with this new challenge and are spending their time in completing it all before it ends.

We’ll be sure to include additional forms as they become available! All of the variations we presently know may be seen on Reddit, where individuals are continually posting new characters and forms they discover. Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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