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Sydney real estate agent died on holiday in Bali

Sydney real estate agent died on holiday in Bali
Source: CBN

A young Australian real estate agent was discovered dead in Bali over the weekend, and his distraught family is still trying to find out what happened. Network Ten reports that on Sunday, Charlie John Bradley was discovered comatose in the middle of the street in north Kuta.

Hours after taking a cab home following a night of partying, his body was discovered just outside his lodging. The 28-year-old’s family informed Network Ten that he went to the popular Indonesian tourist destination with a buddy to attend a music festival over the weekend. His sister Beth broke the news on social media on Monday.

She said on Facebook, “It breaks my heart to share with you all the death of my brother Charlie.”We are all devastated by this tragic news; many cherished Charlie. She showed off several pictures of her older brother as a youngster and an adult, always surrounded by his doting relatives.

Charlie Bradley Cause of death

Sydney real estate specialist Charlie Bradley tragically passed away on vacation in Bali, leaving behind a bewildered family in Adelaide.

According to his family, Charlie Bradley, 28, was reportedly killed over the weekend at the popular tourist destination while attending a concert there.

Bradley reportedly attended the event on Thursday, and on Sunday night, he and his pals went out to a popular beach club before getting a cab back to their hotel.

The real estate agent and boxer was reportedly discovered unconscious outside a hospital. They want answers about what happened in the hours leading up to his death.

What happened to Charlie Bradley?

The enthusiastic amateur boxer flew in from Sydney on Thursday to meet with a pal attending a music festival on the well-known tourist island.

Twenty-eight-year-old Charlie James Bradley was found unconscious in the middle of the road outside the Bhaktivedanta Clinic in north Kuta on Sunday after leaving a club.

Sydney real estate agent died on holiday in Bali


It was said that he had been out partying for hours before taking a cab home, yet his death was found only minutes away.

Charlie James Bradley, according to the Bali police, was found dead on the sidewalk. Indonesian police have interviewed two witnesses over the killing of the real estate agent. Charles Bradley has recently begun working for Belle Property in Lake Macquarie in the role of Lead Agent. In addition, he collaborated with firms like Belle and McGrath, focusing on the Newcastle area. The 28-year-old’s family in Adelaide is working with British authorities to get his corpse back to Australia.

What his family has to say?

His sister, Beth Bradley, confirmed his death on Monday, saying the “shocking news has rocked our family entirely.”

If you know the solution, please share it with us. A more knowledgeable person than us must exist. To my sweet brother,” Beth Bradley said on her website.

Adding, “Charlie was loved by so many,” she said of him. Let this serve as a sobering reminder to hold onto your loved ones close: “Life is fleeting.” Originally from the United Kingdom, Bradley and his family moved to Adelaide in 2013. By 2021, they had settled in Sydney, where Bradley had been working as a property consultant. There is also an ongoing fundraising effort to repatriate Bradley’s body from Bali.

Many others loved him as a son, brother, uncle, grandchild, nephew, boyfriend, coworker, and companion, as stated by event coordinator Beverley Page.

Everyone who had the good fortune to meet him adored him since he had the largest heart and charisma.

numerous people will miss him for numerous reasons, but especially his infectious grin, attractiveness, and charisma.

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