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Teacher In New Jersey Saves Choking Student

Teacher In New Jersey Saves Choking Student
Teacher In New Jersey Saves Choking Student

A New Jersey teacher uses the Heimlich Maneuver to save a choking kid, and the video has gone viral on social media: A teacher in New Jersey saved the life of one of her students. A heartbreaking video has gone viral on social media, and one of the teacher’s children was saved in the most amusing way conceivable. A New Jersey teacher used the Heimlich technique to save a 9-year-old student from choking on Wednesday, April 6.

On Wednesday, April 6, after failing to open a water bottle with his hands, a 9-year-old student called Robert attempted to open it with his teeth. When he couldn’t get the cap open with his hands, Robert, a third-grader, tried to open it with his teeth. According to WABC, the dramatic event occurred at East Orange Community Charter School on Wednesday after the 9-year-old child attempted to drink from his Poland Spring bottle while seated at his desk.

The CCTV footage of the student was saved by the teacher:

When the third-grader was shown on the school CCTV, he instantly began choking on the cap and could not cough it out. “Robert is the 9-year-old youngster whose throat choked,” Robert recalled the incident. I started squeezing it, and the water forced the top up against my throat. Then he dashes to the back of the classroom to try to retrieve it out of the sink.

He couldn’t help himself; he was going to drown trying to cough it out, so he hurried over to Ms. Jenkins. She was able to help him stop choking by using the Heimlich technique. Ms. Jenikns, a third-grade teacher, performed an outstanding job with her students. She played a crucial role in saving a life. Both the school personnel and the parents of the students adored her. She’s become everyone’s favorite, and people look for her on social media.

Teacher’s reaction after the incident happened:

When asked about the incident at the school, Jenkins replied, “I recognised he needed help and I swiftly got into action to help him.” He couldn’t breathe, his face was pale, and he had a panicked look. She indicated that she acquired CPR and basic first aid training as a preschool teacher and that she had finished a refresher course.

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