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The informant’s first trailer is from the Hungarian spy drama.

The informant's first trailer is from the Hungarian spy drama.

From April 1, the informative tv-series HBO Max is launching in eight-part. Also, it has launched its first trailer. In an HBO Max EMEA original that premiered at the Geneva International Film Festival, this series is written and co-directed by Bálint Szentgyörgyi,

This series has nothing to do with the gloomy, stereotypical European show you would expect. Instead, rich Hungarian history is a piece filled with vibrant colors and much humor. With two episodes on April 1, HBO Max premieres The Informant. Then, weekly, the remaining six will roll out. This series of platforms on HBO Max will be launched globally in the U.S., Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe.

Know some details about the series

In 1985 The Informant was set, behind the Iron Curtain, as Geri (Gergely Váradi) leaves for college and he is looking for girls for meeting them and party and joins a group of radicals led by the charismatic Száva (Márton Patkós). But this there is a Geri who has a secret.

In the series, he is an informant of the totalitarian state, and to save his brother, to spy on his new friends for State Security, he is forced. Especially when the group is an increasingly radical leader, Száva realizes that there is an informant among them. While Geri’s life changes forever as juggling parties and political debates, he wrestles with a daily challenge; whose side should he be on series?

Know about the procedure-

Anna Závorszky for HBO Max is the Producer, and Viktória Petrányi (White God) for Proton Cinema is the Producer, also providing production services for HBO Max Exec producers are Camilla Curtis and Johnathan Young. On April 1, The Informant series will premiere with a double episode for all HBO Max platforms across 61 territories, including the U.S., Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe, and then an episode will air weekly.

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