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Tickets At 3.50 Euros Until Thursday At The New Cinema Party

Tickets at 3.50 euros until Thursday at the new cinema party. The new edition of the cinephile proposal invites you to see films at a reduced price in theaters throughout the country.

From this Monday until Thursday, September 30, the Film Festival returns to Spanish theaters, now renamed I go to the cinema, and with the ‘hashtag’ # Cinemas are a safe place, they offer tickets at the reduced price of 3.50 euros .

Unlike previous editions, it will be four days (instead of the usual 3) and it will not be necessary for viewers to make any prior registration. Thus, as reported from the website , tickets can be purchased directly online on the websites of the adhered cinemas throughout Spain as well as directly at the physical box office.

List of rooms
Organized by the Federation of Cinemas of Spain (FECE) and the Federation of Cinematographic Distributors (FEDICINE), together with the Ministry of Culture and Sports, in this Festival of the cinema all the films that are in theaters in the cinemas adhering to the campaign, whose list can be consulted on the aforementioned official website.

They are available from the latest Spanish premieres, with titles such as ‘ Maixabel ‘ and ‘ Operación Camarón ‘, to proposals from Hollywood such as ‘Dune’, ‘ Cry macho ‘, ‘ Fast & Furious 9 ‘ or ‘ Black Widow ‘, passing through the children’s offer with ribbons such as ‘ D´Artacán and the three muskedogs’,’ The Paw Patrol-The Movie ‘or’ Checkered Ninja 2: Mission Thailand ‘.

The promotion of tickets at 3.50 euros (in previous cinema parties it was 2.90 euros) is not cumulative with other discounts such as the Youth Card and spectators must follow the mandatory security measures against the covid.

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