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Tinder the lust app, CEO Renate Nyborg will quit the app next year

Tinder the lust app, CEO Renate Nyborg will quit the app next year

Renate Nyborg is currently the boss of the leading lust app in the world. she will soon leave this place and will find something else.

this confirmation was made at the Collision 2022 tech conference in Toronto, Canada by Renate Nyborg herself.

parent organization match group is trying to change the entire Tinder app experience. it is weird only desperate, heartbroken people visit their app, they would be okay with any experience as long as it gets them some company and Netflix and chill.

Tinder is about to be crazy in Metaverse where you can date a person in the metaverse and they might also introduce cryptocurrencies to promote illusionary money.

Renate Nyborg has to leave because make way for metaverse dating:

Tinder will change top management because wall street runs on quarterly targets. if you don’t put up with numbers you have to change the soul of your product and if that makes money on wall street then it is completely fine. the money and big people have so much influence to even change people’s dating lives. unbelievable to what extent money has changed the world.

 none of our own decision can be our own.

“Today we’re announcing the departure of Tinder CEO Renate Nyborg, and I have made some changes to the management team and structure that I am confident will help deliver Tinder’s full potential,” Match Group chief executive Bernard Kim informed his shareholders in a business letter

“I have loved every moment of the last two years, working with an I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E team on the magic of human connection,” Ms. Nyborg had to resort to Linkedin to reach this place.

Tinder plans to make one billion dollars sell in a quarter very soon:

The match is also the owner of Hinge, OkCupid, and Plenty of fish. a market of desperate people. Match hopes they will make sales close to $790 to $800 million this quarter,

 People are spending close to $2 billion every year because who does not like to see new people and have hookups?

Tinder the lust app, CEO Renate Nyborg will quit the app next year

Mr. Kim said due to pandemics people were avoiding meeting people they might soon spend more because now they are thirstier than ever.

“While people have generally moved past lockdowns and entered a more normal way of life, their willingness to try online dating products for the first time hasn’t yet returned to pre-pandemic levels,” he said.

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