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Trangender beauty pageant won by a philipina Fuschia Anne Ravena

Trangender beauty pageant won by a philipina Fuschia Anne Ravena

Miss international queen 2022 is won by a transgender. Organizers claim this is the largest ever beauty contest for Transgenders.

The 27-year-old winner runs his own business. This show was live telecasted on Tv and organized in Pattaya Thailand. 

This pageant began in 2014 for men who claim they feel they are women. All these participants are born male with male reproductive organs. This year even and “pride month” movement came together. of course, this was capitalized and named “pride together”

Fuschia Anne Ravena won among 23 candidates. They took care of diversity and made a Colombian winner and number third was a French male.

all the winners are named below.

Fuschia Anne Ravena(Philipines)- winner.

Jasmine Jimenez(Colombia)- second

Aëla Chanel(France)- third

this is the third time a Filipina transgender is given this crown. In the last round, all the transgender people who are born with a penis were wearing a gown and their local cultural stuff. their goal was “to inspire”.

Of course.

 Fuschia Anne Ravena

“I always think that the most beautiful asset of being a human and being a trans woman is not just a head that’s full of knowledge — (it) should be a heart that’s full of love and respect, an ear that’s ready to listen and hands that (are) willing to help other people,” she/he said on stage during the performance.

“The acceptance in my own home is the best gift I’ve received throughout my trans journey,” 

Transgenders are the new cool:

“The trans community still has so (far) to go in the fight for equality” Ravena added in the video. “And to be given this moment to speak up, I really want to maximize this opportunity and make a difference as much as I can.”

Ravena was awarded 450,000 Thai baht ($12,700) in prize money with which she might buy more makeup.

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