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Tulsa Cop faces clash after smiling on the condition of a bipolar woman

Tulsa Cop faces clash

Tulsa Police Department recently printed bodycam footage of one of its officers. The video went instantly viral in April 2022. It was seen in the video that the cop, who was named and identified as Ronni Carocia, while helping a 70-year-old bipolar woman, said that this was going to be fun.

Tulsa Cop Video

There have been several instances where cops have been accused of extremely unprofessional behaviour. For example, in one viral video, a cop was seen putting drugs into someone’s car. In another video, a cop was seen doing extremely unacceptable things. 

There have been a lot of instances wherein police cops are seen behaving badly with Blacks and any other minorities. In this video, the cop Ronni Carocia is seen laughing and smiling at the serious condition of a seventy-year-old woman. It is reported that Carocia was at the scene to aid a seventy-year-old woman, namely Mrs Paris.

Garcia had shown extremely unprofessional behaviour. The cops came and bullied the older woman despite being aware that she had bipolar disorder. They laughed at the scene, which was humiliating for the old lady. 

Carocia’s high officials have accepted that the behaviour of laughing is very unprofessional, but there are intrinsic investigations still going on in the department.

Meanwhile, Ronni Carocia is a cop who is a resident of Claremont. She had graduated from the division in 2018 and was at the young age of 26. Many of her videos were viral about her exceptional performance, but this video has come up as a shock to her higher seniors.

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