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What Happened To Danson Lamothe?

Danson Lamothe
Source: Goodnews

Danson Lamothe, a well-known musician from Santa Cruz, has died. Let’s look at how and why Danson Lamothe died in Santa Cruz and what caused his death.

Why did Danson Lamothe get hurt?

Danson Lamothe died. He was a founding member of Stellar Corpses, a son, a friend, a barber, a volunteer firefighter, and he used to play bass.

Because of this, Danson Lamothe died. We’re sorry to tell you about Danson Lamothe’s death. Danson Lamothe was liked by many people. Since Danson Lamothe’s death is in the news right now, many people must want to know what caused it. He died suddenly while giving back to the community that had helped him so much by working as a fireman in Ben Lomond. Dan, who was sometimes called “Mothman,” “Mothy,” or “Big Moth,” was 38 years old when the event happened, which no one could explain.

Who was Danston Lamothe?

Danson Lamothe was a founding member of the band Stellar Corpses, used to play bass, and was a volunteer firefighter. He had a huge effect on the punk and music scenes in Santa Cruz. Lamothe was one of the first members of the band Stellar Corpses. Because of this, he has extra skills. Lamothe used to play bass for and help start the band “Mothman.” Both the county and the band knew how important he was to the formation of the band. He was important to many artists. Paul “Wolfman” Grimm was a roadie for Stellar and played stand-up bass in Fulminante and other projects. Dan is an amazing bass player, whether he is playing with his short honky tonk duo Oh Bears! or with Stellar Corpses. He tried to make music that sounded like the rockabilly and psychobilly songs that he liked.

In person, that was clear because Dan always had a big smile on stage when he was with his friends.

Beloved Santa Cruz Musician Dan Lamothe Dies | Good Times

Source: Goodnews

His outstanding commitment to public service showed others how to do it right. Dan meant a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

Danson Lamothe Pays Tribute: Dan knows a lot of people. Just look at how much love, sadness, and pain have been shared on social media in Santa Cruz and across the country since he died.

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