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Who is Congressman John Rose Wife? Wiki, Bio, Age, Photos, News

Who is Congressman John Rose Wife
Who is Congressman John Rose Wife

The most famous American politician is John and businessman serving from 2019 as the United States representative for the 6th congressional district of Tennessee. A Republican, John was commissioner of agriculture for Tennessee and president of Boson Software, LLC. John was born and brought up in Cookeville, Tennessee, and in 1988 he received a Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Economics from Tennessee Technological University.

John did a Master’s in Science in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University in the year 1990 and a J.D. from Vanderbilt University Law School. He co-founded Trnanscender Corp In 1992, an information technology certification sold in October 2000 for $60 million. John is presently 57 years old.

Who is Congressman John Rose’s wife, Chelsea Doss?

John, My wife’s name is Chelsea Doss. In January 2011, they both married each other. They Both have two sons. John operates a family farm in rural Temperance Hall, west of Cookeville. John is a farmer and owns a small I.T. training business, and is pushing the conservative movement that inspired so many as former President Trump sought office for the first time.

Chelsea Doss

Chelsea Doss

Know more about Congressman John Rose

John and Chelsea, in the year 2016, proudly supported President Trump and again 

supported in 2020. John persists in proudly standing for the fundamental principle that guided the Trump administration by putting America first. John and Chelsea believe they were given their biggest blessing when their 1st child, a baby boy, was born. Unfortunately, they lost their expected son. John believes that we must take bold action to solve the debt crisis, renew Christian values in society, protect our borders, and bolster our military.

John and his wife’s age difference is currently a hot topic of discussion amongst netizens. They both met each other when she was 16, and he awarded her a 4H scholarship. One internet user wrote, “Republicans are attempting to pass a Bill where anyone can get wedded at 12. D.O. you really think it is women going after boys, percentage-wise? Nah, it is these disgusting old men watching for little girls.”

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