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Who is Keegan Cook? Named University of Minnesota Volleyball Team’s Full-time Head Coach for 8th Time

Keegan Cook
Keegan Cook, Credits: SportsKeeda

On December 12, 2022, Keegan Cook was named the University of Minnesota volleyball team’s full-time Head Coach for the 8th time.

Who is Keegan Cook?

The Huskies revealed on Monday that former Washington volleyball coach Keegan Cook accepted a comparable post at the University of Minnesota.

Cook led UW to four Pac-12 titles in eight seasons. Hugh McCutcheon, the longtime coach of the Gophers, is replaced by him. McCutcheon announced in October that he would step down after the current campaign and start working as the school’s associate athletic director/sport advancement coach in January.

Cook stated in a news release that “this is without a doubt the most challenging day of my professional career.” The University of Washington has permanently altered the trajectory of my life and the lives of my family. Although I don’t have enough time or space to express it to the individuals within this community, thankfulness is the most significant I can right now on behalf of myself and my family.”

Keegan Cook Career

Keegan Cook

Keegan Cook, Credits: SportsKeeda

On a Friday in 2007, Keegan received his diploma from St. Mary then three days later began his debut professional position as a comprehensive assistant coach at his alma university. While Keegan enjoyed St. Mary, was fascinated by the experience, fervor, and principles shared by all the UW coaches and personnel he interacted with while playing Washington. When a UW assistant coaching post became available in 2013, he was selected for the position. He has only ever applied formally for this one job.

He explains, “Investing in the young women I teach is how I demonstrate my competitive desire today. “Investing in people as a career has a very fulfilling payoff. There is a different kind of joy when you can shape someone’s future and help them grow. I try to keep that in mind every day. It is crucial to teach them to live by moral principles.

Keegan Cook Girlfriend

This story has a love story, just like any excellent story should. In 2017, Keegan and Sarah were traveling abroad with the team when Keegan met Sarah. Sarah, a former professional volleyball player, traveled to Italy with Keegan last summer while he was the team’s coach. They’ll probably have a happy ending.

Keegan Cook’s Net worth

When Keegan Cook was elevated to head coach, his compensation increased from $80,400 in 2014 to $237,400 (nearly a 3X boost! ), according to Washington’s official salary records.


1. Who is Keegan Cook?

Ans: The former Washington volleyball coach.

2. What is Keegan Cook’s Net Worth

Ans: When Keegan Cook was elevated to head coach, his compensation increased from $80,400 in 2014 to $237,400.

3. How does Keegan Cook Met his Wife?

Ans: In 2017, Keegan and Sarah were traveling abroad with the team when Keegan met Sarah.

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