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Who was Barbara Stonehouse? MP who attempted but failed to fake his own death

Who was Barbara Stonehouse MP who attempted but failed to fake his own death

We’ve all heard of folks who pretend to die for a variety of absurd and entertaining reasons. Some people do it to relieve stress in their workplace, while others commit various types of fraud, such as insurance fraud, to get money. Sukumara Kurup, an identical fugitive in Kerala, staged his death by killing a man named Chacko who had similar physical attributes to him. Kurup and his companions poisoned, choked, and eventually murdered Ambassador Chacko, then burned the body in the evening. He allegedly committed this horrible murder in order to defraud an insurance company of Rs. 8,00,000. He escaped the nation and has been missing for nearly three decades. For a long time, there has been a comparable situation in other countries.

Who is John Stonehouse?

John Stonehouse was born in 1925 and joined the Labor Party at the age of 16. He rose through the ranks of the cooperative labour movement to become a successful politician. In 1948, Stonehouse married Barbara, but the couple separated in 1978. Their 30-year marriage has produced a son and two daughters. Stonehouse was accused of being a spy for Czechoslovakia, a Soviet Union satellite state, in 1969, although he rejected and defended himself against the charge. Later in 2010, it was revealed that Margaret Thatcher, the prime minister, agreed to cover up the fact that John was a spy since there was insufficient evidence to prove it. Later that year, in 1974, John left a set of clothes along a river to create the illusion that he had drowned.

He began to live under a false identity in Australia, where he married his mistress, Sheila Buckley, his former secretary, in 1978. When he transferred money and property from multiple fictitious identities, he attracted attention. He was later apprehended and charged with multiple offences. Stonehouse was eventually convicted of fraud and sentenced to seven years in jail. He died of significant heart problems and heart attacks in 1988.

Who was Barbara Stonehouse MP who attempted but failed to fake his own death

What caused Barbara Stonehouse’s death?

Barbara’s life after her divorce from Stonehouse is unknown. Barba Stonehouse died on the 9th of May 2022, according to multiple news forums. Many others on the internet have also conveyed their condolences. Her death has yet to be determined as to what caused her death.

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