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Who was Cassie Carli? Cause of Death, Obituary, Daughter, Husband

Who was Cassie Carli Cause of Death, Obituary, Daughter, Husband

‘MISSES HER MOMMY,’ she says. Cassie Carli’s 4-year-old daughter is heartbroken because her father is in prison for the death of her mother, who fled after custody was switched.

Saylor is being cared for by her grandfather, Andrew Carli, in Navarre Beach, Florida, while her father, Marcus Spenevelo, 37, is still in jail on charges linked to her mother’s disappearance.

When did the mother, Cassie Carli disappear?

Cassie went missing on March 27 after leaving her father’s house to meet Spanevelo in the parking lot of a local restaurant for a custody exchange. On April 2, her body was discovered buried in a shallow grave beneath a barn near Springville, Alabama, more than 300 miles away. Her cause of death has yet to be revealed, as an autopsy is still being conducted. 

Cassie Carli

Charges faced by the husband, Marcus Spenevelo:

Hours before the unexpected finding, Spanevelo was detained in Lebanon, Tennessee. He was linked to the barn where Cassie was discovered, according to the police. He is currently charged with tampering with evidence, destroying evidence, and providing false information regarding a missing individual. He has pled not guilty to those counts, but more are expected once Cassie’s autopsy is completed.

Saylor was in Lebanon with her father at the time of his imprisonment. She was put into Child Protective Services’ custody for a short time before being reunited with her grandfather earlier this month. Cassie’s younger sister, Raeanne Carli, told The US Sun that Saylor seemed to be unconcerned with what happened to her mother and is still “just a lovely, happy little child.”

Saylor, on the other hand, she claims, misses Cassie a lot and frequently reaches out for her. “Saylor is fantastic,” Raeanne remarked. “She is still aware of what occurred, but she misses her mother tremendously. I mean, she’s so little, but we’ve gotten her a lot of professional help, and she’s doing fantastic.”

What say does Cassie’s side of the family has regarding Marcus Spenevelo?

While the family awaits information concerning Cassie’s death, Raeanne said they must keep in touch with Spanevelo and schedule visits for Saylor to see him because he is her lone living parent and has visitation rights. “It’s incredibly upsetting,” Raeanne explained, “but you still have rights as a parent when you’re innocent until proven guilty and the last remaining parent. So we’re collaborating with him a bit, but [Saylor] is handling everything perfectly.” She’s doing great and has a wonderful family at home.”

Raeanne said Saylor said “I don’t want to be with dad” just days before Cassie vanished and was eventually found murdered in an earlier interview. “Saylor kept saying, “Mom, I want to be with you, I don’t want to be with dad,” right before my sister passed away. ‘I’d rather be with you than with Dad,’ she says “She stated her claim. Raeanne says her sister was speaking with lawyers around the time of her death to discuss her legal alternatives if Saylor truly didn’t want to see Spanevelo. “We were discussing it, and Cassie said, ‘I’m not going to force her to go with him if he doesn’t want, but I’m not sure how that works.”

Cassie and Spanevelo had been fighting for custody of their daughter for years. Cassie was only a few months into their relationship when she became pregnant. Raeanne claimed her sister was desperate to

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