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Who was Luis Roldan? Luis Roldan dies at the age of 78

Who was Luis Roldan Luis Roldan dies at the age of 78
Who was Luis Roldan Luis Roldan dies at the age of 78

Luis Roldan had died at the age of 78 on 24 March 2022. He was the former director of the civil guard. He dies at San Juan De Dios hospital in Zaragoza.

He died two months after the demise of his current wife. People are unfortunate after knowing about his death.

All about Luis Roldan:

Luis was born in 1943 in Zaragoza. He was a member of the Zaragoza city council PSOE. He also became Navarre’s government representative between 1982 and 1986. He was arrested on 27 February 1995 as the court indicted his criminal activities. He was arrested at Bangkok Airport. He was sentenced to 28 years of jail after being tried by the national high court. Further, his sentence increased to 31 years. Roldan got married three times and had four children.

Luis Roldan death, Obituary:

Luis Roldan had been hospitalized for quite some time before he died on 24 March 2022. He would be cremated tomorrow. His children are really sad after hearing about their father’s death. One of his sons who would be attending his funeral tomorrow said that Luis had cancer and was going through treatment, but due to some complications, he died at St. john’s hospital last night.

His family will always miss him as he was very dear to them. He had spent a lot of time of his life in prison. But in 2005, he was allowed to be out of the prison, but that was temporary. He left prison permanently in 2010. In 1999, The judges declared firmly proven that Roldan and his partners hid funds from the reserved funds of the Civil Guard and amounts paid by construction companies.

He has done some wrong deeds to his own country. He indeed was a corrupted person. After being hospitalized for about some time, he died on 24 March 2022.

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