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Why is Alex Murdaugh pronounced Alec?

Alex Murdaugh
Source: Sportskeeda

While the murder trial of Alex Murdaugh proceeds, many are questioning why the defence attorney has been referred to as “Alec” online and in the media. His current accusations include two counts of first-degree murder and two offences related to the use of a firearm. He has entered a not guilty plea, and his trial has begun.

Evidence suggests Alex Murdaugh, 52, fatally shot his wife Maggie, 52, and their son Paul, 22, on January 7. According to the allegations, the former was shot many times, including once in the back and again when she was on the ground. Both Paul’s head and chest were allegedly shot.

The other Murdaugh son, Buster, recently testified about the moment he found out about the deaths of his older brother and mother. The 26-year-old stated he got a phone call from his dad.

Why is Alex Murdaugh pronounced Alec? Speculation abounds amid ongoing trial

Source: Sportskeeda

He went into a rant before breaking the news that my mother and brother had been murdered.
Alex Murdaugh was portrayed in court as a loving father and husband by Buster, who testified that Alex did not desire for his kid or wife to die.

In the midst of the trial, online discussions have been rife regarding why Alex is sometimes pronounced as Alec. “Alec” is a version of the Scottish name Alex. The names Alex and Elec are often pronounced similarly. People used to say the “c” in the name when they said it out loud. The name “Alex” has replaced “Alexander” in common usage. This explains why people commonly call the 54-year-old man “Alec Murdaugh.”

Why is Alex Murdaugh called “Alec”?

According to Calendar Canada, Alec is an English and Scottish short version of Alexander. Alexander is the Latin form of the Greek name “Alexandros.”

In Greek, Alex is often a gender-neutral name, which meaning “defender of humankind.” The Greek word Alexandros is derived from the Greek phrase “alexein,” which means “to defend,” “to protect,” and may also be viewed as “man or warrior.”

Social media was crowded with online users arguing the misunderstanding of Alex Murdaugh’s name.

Along with facing murder and weapons accusations, Alex Murdaugh also faces hundreds of counts for his financial crimes that include scamming clients of monies, computer crimes and misappropriating money from his legal practise. It has also been suggested that he robbed the family of his former housekeeper who died in a weird slip-and-fall accident at his property.

Prior to Buster taking the testimony, Michael Sutton, a forensic engineer, testified that Alex could not have shot his wife and son since he was too tall for the shot. It was also evaluated that it was conceivable for someone to be inside the home and not hear the gunfire.

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