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Will Smith in Rehab. A complete explanation of the move

Will Smith in Rehab. A complete explanation of the move

Will Smith won an oscar but due to his relationship with his wife, he has to seek medical assistance.

The Oscar academy confirmed that even after hitting Chris Rock, Will didn’t leave the premises.

After the sudden anger outburst, Will is looking to go to Medical rehab to control his anger.

His wife Jada is a victim of Alopecia and can’t grow hair, Chris Rock made a joke about it. Will directed his personal life anger onto the comedian and slapped him. This moment became really famous, in fact, more than oscar’s itself.

According to a British newspaper, Will is heavily impacted by the incident and he has to spend a long period in a Rehab center to get back to his normal self.

Will is facing Anxiety currently.

This is the most critical time of Will’s life. He became a superstar at a young age. He has to find his soul and look for ways to move forward.

as per some reports, Will will soon be back to work to save his reputation. Will apologized to Chris on a public platform but the academy has dismissed him from further functions.

“I am relinquishing my membership in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and will accept any other actions that management deems appropriate,” Will Smith said.

Is Will Smith’s career over? 

The academy has initiated a probe for being violent. Will Smith’s OScar might also be canceled. soon a committee with senior actors will take a decision on that.

Will Smith in Rehab

50 years ago an Oscar was revoked because the movie was released 2 years prior to the award. Will Smith has already been forced to resign from the academy.

Will Jada destroy Will?

Will smith’s wife cheated on him with someone. Will had to sit with someone who slept with his wife and he had to “understand” it. This level of cookery must have built up anger in superstar Will. he planned a birthday for 3 years to impress Jada and she actually made Will feel ashamed about it. Jada has also spilled secrets about their bedroom life and how it is not good. 

How does Will smith live with someone who hates him so much!

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