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Zara Aleena: accuse arrested in Ilford for attack

Zara Aleena: accuse arrested in Ilford for attack

A suspect has been apprehended on charges of murder. there was an attack on a female lawyer in East London.

Zara Aleen was attacked when she walking along Cranbrook road. Zara was moving towards Gants Hill station In Ilford.

The attacker found the early morning time to be suitable for attack.

Zara Aleena died in hospital:

The Met police have concluded it was an “opportunist stranger attack”. Zara passed away while receiving treatment.

A 29-year-old suspect was caught by police in the evening. The medical team arrived at the scene after Ms. Aleena was found attacked by some locals.

“It is now believed that she was the victim of an opportunist stranger attack. Her family is aware of this and they will continue to be updated.” Stuart bell said.

He also added the injuries on the head suggest that there was no use of a weapon.

A post-mortem report exposes she had “multiple serious injuries”.

Bell said complete forensic testing of the crime scene has been conducted and each house will be questioned.

Residents are scared after Aleena Zara’s murder:

Ms. Aleena’s friends said she was a “lifeline” for her mother and grandmother

Friends of Ms. Aleena described her beautiful character as “so soft and gentle, she never had a bad word to say about anyone”.

Rafia Ahmed who is a close resident was worried about her safety and planning to go out in groups only.

“Because it’s literally on our doorstep it scares you. As a female, you think twice about going out by yourself.”

Shopkeeper Kuldip Singh said he was so worried that crime have increased this is the third murder in 5 years.

“This one was quite brutal,” he said. “It was a young lady but people don’t really feel safe in this location as much as they used to.

Zara Aleena: accuse arrested in Ilford for attack

“If I was an elderly person or a female, especially in the winter months, walking through this road you could be at risk.”

Subhash, 60, who lives just off Cranbrook Road, said he “worries” for other local women because this is “happening on my doorstep”.

“It’s not just my daughter, it’s other daughters, other girls, other women in the area,” he said.

“It’s quite a serious matter, how safe are you in your own area.”

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